An entrepreneur is a person who creates something form nothing, person who knows how to make that something available for people who will buy it to improve their lives.

Creating is not an easy task. Creating requires many activities, good habits, and desire to create from the person who will create.
As an entrepreneur you are the creator. You create customer’s happiness and satisfaction. You create employee’s satisfaction and happiness. You create your partner’s satisfaction and happiness. As a creator, you will need many good practices and habits that can be implemented in your everyday work.

Let’s look at ten habits of successful entrepreneurs as persons who create something from nothing.

  1. They have a clearly defined vision. You need to know where you want to be, what you want to achieve and how you want to look your own future and the future of your environment. The vision is something that should be deeply rooted in you. But, your entrepreneurial vision will need followers. If you don’t have a clear vision, you will not know where you need to move your business, and you can’t have followers who can help you to realize your vision.
  2. They set up and adjust their goals. But, vision is not enough to ensure entrepreneurial success. It only shows you where you want to be in the future, while goals will show you how to get there. Good habit is to set goals in accordance with the vision, but the goals that will be constantly adjusted according to the reality.
  3. They are focused on achieving their goals. Focus is the third habit that contributes to the success of an entrepreneur. Without enough focus, too many goals, activities, or tasks are a sure path to your failure.
  4. They use deadlines. Goals can’t be realized timely if you are not using deadlines. It is true that for everything you want to accomplish there is an enough time. But, one thing is quite clear when it comes to businesses. That thing is that the speed is one of the key features of your success.
  5. They plan ahead their own activities. Your goals should be divided into the tasks and activities that will be on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Try to make the whole number of daily tasks which you will maintain to be on the lowest possible level.
  6. They prioritize their tasks. When you use the plan and a to-do list, you can never be sure that everything will be as you have already planned. There will be many new urgent tasks. However, don’t let the urgency to “hack” your time, use clear priorities instead of that.
  7. They are persistent persons. The success requires overcoming many obstacles, solve many problems, and avoiding many pitfalls. Success is not the result of chance, the success is the result of work, experimentation, mistakes, failures… So, you have to be persistent if you want to get to your so wanted destination or closer to your vision.
  8. They are in the continuous learning process. Knowledge is an important feature of an entrepreneur and business as overall. But, that knowledge is not static. It is changing, which means that what today is true or enough, tomorrow can be invalid. Because of that, learning is an important habit of entrepreneurs and you need to ensure continuous increasing of knowledge in your business.
  9. They are not afraid to take actions. If there is no action, there is no reaction. You can’t be closer to your vision. You will not have measures that would tell you whether you are right or wrong. You can’t know do you need something to change and what will need to be changed. If you don’t take that first step for each of your goals, everything else will be inappropriate.
  10. They are not afraid to take a risk. Risk is an integral part in every aspect of our lives. So, the same is true for the businesses. You will always risk something. Each of your actions will have a dose of potential risk. But, it should not be a reason for your to continue with maintaining status quo situations in your business.

Now, go get ’em tiger!