Step 1 : Download The Jeunesse Gameplan

Watch overview video on The Gameplan, make sure you have the study guide and your journal handy!

Plug into Team and Corp Calls

Make sure you attend as many of these calls as you can and plug all your team members into them as well, these are a critical tool for success!

Live Events

There are many events happening around the globe, check out schedule often to find one in you area or one to attend.

Your Replicated Website and Office

Use your replicated website to share the Jeunesse products and business opportunity with people and acquire new customers/distributors. It’s also VERY important to familiarize yourself with your backoffice (Joffice)
YOUR link is:

Spend as much time as you can in the following modules to learn from the masters:

Training Library

– Podcasts

Listen to the audio book “Think and Grow Rich” and print the study guide which is at the bottom of the audio chapters

– Think and Grow Rich

along with our growing audiobook library

Participate on the calls, group pages, group chats and the forum to ensure you are getting the help you need. This site is updated almost daily, so carve out learning time daily and you will see your business take off like you have never seen before!

We are right here by your side!

Think and Grow Rich