Module 1

Self Awareness

Having a Healthy Self-Image = Reaching your Full Potential!

Critical First Step

In order to reach your full potential in life and your business, you must first identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  It’s these same limiting beliefs that create our self-image.  When one has a poor self-image, your subconscious mind says you are not worthy to live an abundant life, hence never reaching your full potential. Being self-employed, especially if you are involved with network marketing can really bring patterns to the surface and by doing these exercises and bringing more self awareness to your life, you can make huge changes just from this step. Our mind-set affects our emotions and then our actions and choices come from this place, whether they are making us happy or not, energy does not discriminate, it is just a law. Let’s begin with self-image, our views about our self and how this plays out in our world and the people we interact with. Most of us live on autopilot with no conscious awareness with regard to our self-talk, emotions and limiting beliefs we keep alive by habitual toxic thoughts.

Self Awareness

I have developed a specific mindfit exercise program that will help assess the many factors that create one’s self-image. Through these and upcoming exercises you will be able to identify and eliminate any past and present self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and other factors that may be sabotaging you in different areas of your life.Why is it at certain times in our lives when we set goals we often do not achieve them? Chances are we don’t really believe these goals can become reality. We have one or more limiting beliefs, old programs or other factors running through our mind that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and explore our inner world …

Goal: Identify your own personal “mind ecology” by becoming conscious of your thoughts and feelings with regard to your self, your living environment and the people around you by recording your moment-by-moment thoughts, feelings and actions surrounding them.

It is critical to be conscious of all your positive and negative feelings that come up over a period of time, this creates an important blueprint for moving obstacles and blocks out of your way. Going about your day and becoming aware and recording your thoughts and feelings can make you experience all kinds of emotions and that’s okay. Let them flow, never judge and be honest, this is just between You and you. We are so used to allowing these thoughts and feelings, which become our words and actions to run on auto-play because we become numb and therefore; unaware. This exercise will open your eyes and what we look at and acknowledge, we can change.

These thought provoking exercises will begin to establish the foundation of our work together. As part of “The Incredible You” community we will go through these specific exercises together in our online interactive community. In the meantime finish your homework and enjoy the process!

Tools: New notebook or journal specifically used for this program, take it with you everywhere you go.

Journal Work

Start to note your thoughts, feelings and conversations about the following events as they come up for you on a day-to-day basis about everything that happens to you, even in the quiet moments alone. Here are some things to start with in terms of becoming more aware of your inner mindset:


What are you thinking?


What are the words? What type of conversations are you having with others?


What are the feelings around each of the following?

Exercise: Communication with our self and the world around us

The objective of this exercise is to become aware and record the thoughts and feelings that come up with regard to the relationship you have with your own self.

  • Your finances, paying a bill, going to the bank, purchasing something
  • Your first thoughts upon waking and going to bed
  • Your body, your weight, what you are eating, your activity level in terms of health and fitness
  • Your daily communication with family, friends, business associates
  • Your family life at home, parents, spouse, siblings or children
  • The world around you, judgments about others
  • Your spiritual life, your beliefs around support and spiritual resources, if any

Be hyper aware this entire week of your thoughts and feelings about anything and everything that comes up, the more you write down, the better, don’t label, never judge, just be aware. This is for YOUR eyes only, so be honest with yourself. The key to personal freedom begins with one’s own personal awareness of where they are NOW, then we can embrace the upcoming tools to take you into higher and grander mindsets that will truly elevate your life and experiences.

Video Lesson – We bring you the one and only, Les Brown, enjoy!

Self-Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs

Following are examples of negative thoughts, beliefs, and doubts:
“I failed at that before, so I gave up.”
“I am fat”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m not that smart.”
“I could never look that good.”
“I’ll never amount to anything.”
“Life is hard.”
“It’s too late for me”
“I wish I could do that.”
“Everyone else is lucky.”
“Money can cause a lot of problems.”
“It’s not right to make more money than my parents.”
“It takes money to make money.”
“I am a failure.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”
“Getting rich is for other people.”
“Being rich means you’re greedy.”
“I’m a good giver, but not a good receiver.”
“I’m not good looking enough”
“If I ask for help, people will think I am weak.”
“That didn’t work at one time, so I’ll never do it again.”
“Money does not grow on trees”
“Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure.”
“Striving for wealth won’t allow much time to enjoy life.”
“To be rich, you have to take advantage of other people.”
“I’m too fat to ever get in good shape again.”
“I’m not good at managing my finances.”
“I don’t have the time to be successful.”

Make a note in your journal about any thoughts or feelings that come up for you reading those statements, make an additional list of any other limiting words you’ve heard from yourself or others.

Work on this diligently and tackle those inner demons to the ground, let them go free and move your entire awareness into one of personal power.

Next week we will be moving on to your next exercise program: working your self image and awareness muscles, warrior boot camp is about to begin!