Module 3: Let’s stretch our awareness and look at success

How are you doing? Are you actually doing the exercises in this program so far?  These first 4 modules are ESSENTIAL steps. You can do this. I know and believe you can and realize this is tough work these past weeks, the mental work is the HARDEST part of this journey, but will pay the biggest dividend.
You may be surprised to find out after this exercise that your definition of success is radically different than what you  first thought. And I am here to support you. Ready?


The rules are simple here: You have to be completely honest with yourself. No negative talk or short changing yourself, please. It is just 9 questions.

If you say you are not hungry for anything in particular, ask yourself, is that really true or have you just numbed out? Because that means you never ever have a yearning, a craving, a burning desire to do or have something. Is that really true?
If you say you daydream about traveling to exotic places, do you see yourself there all the time, every day? Is that really a definition of success or are you maybe just in need of some overdue R&R? There is a difference.
So put some thought into these questions. Think long term. Don’t give knee-jerk reactions. Really envision your answer and put yourself in that situation and try to smell and taste and feel the situation and the duration of it. Then check to see if your answer still holds.
I am not dividing this into personal versus business. Success is a big picture including ALL of your life. Let’s figure out what success is and then apply it to your business.
Begin. Take a deep breath and get very quiet and focused before you start. Be true to your values. Be honest with yourself. And take a few minutes or the entire week to answer these questions, anything is fine as long as you take the time to do it.
1. What are you truly hungry for, another way of asking is, what would you do if money was NO object in your life?
2. What do you most often daydream about?
3. Who do you see yourself becoming from the highest viewpoint?
4. How do you want to feel about your business?
5. What do you want others to say about you? (a VERY powerful exercise is write your own eulogy and then live it)

6. What do you want to leave behind in terms of a legacy for your family or society?
7. What values do you most want associated with you?
8. What do you see as your best contribution to humanity?
9. What is success to you (in 3-5 specific words)?
Now take your answers and see if you can find that common thread, maybe it’s obvious, maybe not, but there is a thread. What is it? That’s your definition of success. And feel absolutely free to share your answers or insights with the group.

Video Lesson – we bring you Zig Ziglar, enjoy!


Module 4 is a BIG one … make sure you have clarity about yourself, you have clear goals and know what your definition of success is. We are moving out of the mentally hard part, the self-evaluation and are going to use these new found muscles and head out to the track and start running.

Ready? Let’s go on to module 4.