Congratulations! You now own your own business!

Whew! You have made an important decision for your future … but …. now what?


Here is an amazing interview with two industry giants, Eric Worre and the recently passed legend, Mark Yarnell. (grab an energy drink or a green tea and invest these 43 minutes)

Making these critical first steps will make ALL the difference between this being a business that makes money or a hobby that just costs you time and perhaps, loses money.

Treat your business like a business

Take these basic steps FIRST and then work your way towards a rewarding career in this amazing industry, with YOU as your own boss, enjoying all the freedoms that come along with working smarter, not harder. If you want your business to be a business — an organization that generates the kind of money you need to become financially independent — you have to treat it like one, not like a hobby or a momentary fling. Here are some important steps to follow FIRST:

Ignite your passion by becoming knowledgeable in your company and products.

There is no question that, over time, the MLM companies that have been the most successful in the MLM industry have involved distributors who have had a passion for the product, service and for what they are selling.  You shouldn’t join a company unless, number one, you really believe in the product and you should be actively using the product. You should feel a great sense of pride when explaining and sharing your product with others., know the value of your products and share your own experience, no different than sharing your favorite restaurant or a movie you just went to and loved. The passion is only as good as your ability to channel it in a strategic way that will make you money.

and more tips …

FIRST and so important, print your  confirmation page that contains YOUR LINK and make sure you note your username (or your ID number) and password and log into your backoffice immediately. Spend a lot of time and familiarize yourself with all the resources there and also make note of your sharing link and any marketing tools, upline info and corporate webinar and conference call info.
After you have become familiar with your backoffice and know your sharing links and how it all works, move on to setting up your business. If you have any problems accessing or understanding your backoffice system, please reach out to your sponsor and get them to help you. We also have support in the forum for this as well. To go to forum, click here.
Make an investment in business equipment and supplies: a decent computer, long distance package if you don’t have one, filing system for all your expenses and whatever else you decide you need to run your business.
Take time to explore your back office and plug into all the training tools the company has created.
Set aside  and stick to daily work hours, this is a critical step and one most often missed by unsuccessful people.
Completely familiarize yourself with your company’s products and services.
Set aside a real home office — not just a closet or a shelf — exclusively for your business.
Create a contact list with as many people as you can think of and add to the list daily.
Learn the system, this is the KEY to success in MLM and the one most often left out as people try to do it “their” way, but ALL big leaders and income earners follow a proven system, they keep it simple! You can make this difficult and make little or no money, or you can do it the way that works and make money quickly, your choice. Talk to your sponsor and upline leaders to learn what system they are using.

as you head out onto your journey, let’s hear again from Eric Worre and listen to his important speech on becoming a “professional”

Be coachable, be accountable and stay true to yourself and your dreams. Keep learning, that is the KEY to success in everything! Use this site and fully utilize the support it offers, especially the new forum, post your questions, stories and engage with other members. Click here to visit new forum and return often.

We are here for you and can’t wait to hear about your success stories soon!  🙂

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