MLMM: Introduction

There are many reasons people get involved in direct sales. In the beginning, for most, it’s all about making money and supporting a lifestyle of one’s dreams. In the end, it’s all about the people, the heart of the company one represents and the mission and cause they support.
I believe we’re all searching for the same things: time and financial freedom, peace, happiness and a sense of purpose. From my perspective, there is no better industry than direct sales that can offer the average person the opportunity to earn above average income while making a profit and living their life on purpose.
If you’re reading this book, you’re most likely going to fall into one or more of the following categories …

  •  You are currently building a successful home-based business and you are committed to reading all you can on the topic of direct sales
  • You are interested in starting a home-based business and you are investigating the industry of direct sales
  • You are currently building a home-based business and are frustrated with your results. Therefore, you are searching for the honest answers and the secrets to what it takes to have success in direct sales
  • You are looking for value training material to provide your team

Most people who work at creating an extra income from home (part- or full-time) struggle at some point. In the vast sea of direct selling companies, there are many sharks and sharp rocks to ram your boat.
As your coach, my goal is to be a beacon of light, which can guide you through those sharp, jagged rocks to success.   Hence, shrink your learning curve and experience profit much quicker.
Having risen to the top of a couple different direct selling companies myself and studying the success of some of the greatest leaders of all-time, I can say, without reservation that the difference between those that succeed long-term or fail in this industry comes down to three critical factors. They are…

1)    Having the “right mindset”

It all starts with making a firm decision, which creates a mindset. Your business will be as strong or as weak as your goals and your degree of clarity. Specific, realistic goals will help you to go out each day and make the necessary effort to build a successful home-based business. It is essential your goals are positive and exciting by focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want in your life.   Additionally, getting clear about what you want and, more importantly, why you want it. The “what” combined with the “why” creates intention, and only through having a clear intention will you know what to focus your attention upon in order to achieve the success you desire.
2)    Relationship Mastery: I can’t overstate the importance of building win-win relationships, not only with others, but more importantly, with yourself. It comes down to committing your life to a never-ending journey of personal development.   Show me someone that has achieved great success in our industry and I’ll show you someone that has mastered the art of building win-win relationships.
3)    Choosing the Right Direct Selling Company: It is important youpartner with a company that shares your same values and one that has the potential of being in business for the long-term. Let’s not forget, we all get into direct sales so we can eventually have “walk-away” recurring income. This is income that continues to come in after you have stopped working the business. If the company you choose to partner with goes out of business your income comes to a screeching stop! So choose wisely.
As your mindfit coach, I’ll be taking you through some mental exercises that will ensure you reach your full potential in direct sales by mastering win-win relationships, establishing the “right mindset”, and securing a stable company that is in alignment with your core values.
Enjoy the journey on your way to having purpose and profit!

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