You are about to read an extra-special book. Chances are you’ll declare it to be one of the most important books you’ll ever read. For it’s about everything you need to succeed in a life of purpose and profit. It’s about discovering exactly who you are. It’s about unchaining you from limiting beliefs so you can successfully do what it takes to create abundance in a home based business that places no ceiling on how high you can soar.

That business is direct sale/network marketing, where the foundations of success reside in specific principles long mastered by Chris Cucchiara; and in your ability to live them to great advantage with his help. It should be said that unless you can devote conscious, purposeful effort to these principles, it will be difficult to reach your full potential in direct sale/network marketing.

You see, too many people enter this industry with bright eyes, high hopes and big goals, only to find themselves failing. We hear “This isn’t working. What am I doing wrong? What separates me from those who succeed?” The inevitable answer is that they either haven’t been really trained in the proven principles taught here; or they haven’t put them into practice; or they’ve unwittingly chosen to be involved with something that’s too hard to duplicate.

Whether you’re already in direct sales/network marketing or just considering it, you know that it’s all about creating and maintaining solid relationships. Not only with others, but first and foremost with yourself. And while it’s the only industry in the world that provides the ease of entry, the freedom of time, the freedom of choice, the unlimited income potential and the chance to continuously make a difference, it does require you to purposefully grow beyond your present self… and perhaps at a deeper-than-typical level. The required degree of personal growth is hardly possible without training and mentoring by high-level experts, who have learned the industry from the ground up; who have turned the right keys and opened the doors to high achievement; and who have led others to do the same. Chris is one of those experts. He knows the industry inside-out. He knows the mechanics of how to make things happen in a big way. And he knows there’s only place to start: Learning to know and grow you. This is your springboard to the clarity of purpose and the quality of decisions so needed for building lasting business relationships that are profitable for you and for those who travel the path to success with you.

Chris has unveiled that path clearly, and he guides you steadily through your journey in a simple, systematic and — most importantly — duplicable way. From the mandates for passion, commitment, positive attitude and sharing yourself and your energy to the insider’s secrets of building a successful direct sale/network marketing business, it’s all here awaiting your embrace.

There couldn’t be a more critical time for this book or a better person to write it. I’ve known Chris for 15 of my 25 years in network marketing and found him to be absolutely magic as a leader. He leads with his heart, and working with him has been a truly joyous experience for me. I’ve seen him create environments where large groups of people have eagerly reached for the best in themselves and transformed dreams into reality. Now, what he shares with you here could quite possibly change your life.

by Margie Aliprandi

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