Course and Program Guide

This Is YOUR Time To SHINE!

Congratulations, you have made the first and MOST important step towards financial freedom and that is learning the skills to get there fast.

MLM Bootcamp

Our first program, “MLM Bootcamp”, is for new distributors that need to learn the basic building blocks and skills to have a successful home-based business and want to create an income as fast as possible. Think of this program as your daily “diet” for self-employed individuals. This course is a weekly program that will roll out new modules over 52 weeks. It is very important to finish each week’s lessons and participate in the live discussions on the private Facebook group page. All weekly webinars are applicable, regardless of which week you are on.

Finding purpose and profit through home-based business and direct sales

Our second program is exclusive to The Incredible You, Chris Cucciara’s amazing book, “Finding purpose and profit through home-based business and direct sales”. Navigate through the book at your own pace and pause in any areas that you feel are particularly meaningful to you and your business. You will get out of this program what you put into it in terms of your time, focus and participation. If you simply just read through it without doing any of the exercises or participating in discussions, your results will be limited.
Self paced e-book from one of the masters of the industry, Chris Cucchiara! Enjoy!

Life Mastery Program

Our third program is the “Life Mastery Program” This course is designed to lead you step by step through the process of eliminating negative and limiting beliefs that will hinder your progress if not addressed. Our mind is a powerful tool and must be trained effectively to be our ally, not our biggest hurdle. Work through the modules at your own pace, but take your time and really absorb the lessons and do the exercises. Keep your journal with you always! This program has 3 components: MLM 101: Mastering the Basics, 90 day Fast Start and The Leadership Academy. You will be able to access all programs, regardless of when you joined, but it is critical to master the basics before moving into the leadership academy and corresponding private group and live events.

This is YOUR time to really move your life into one that you dream of … now let’s make those dreams a reality!